Sunday, January 15, 2012

Charismatic Leadership Inspires!

I recently read an interesting article from Psychology Today called, "Charisma: What is it? Do you have it?" In it they define charisma as a, "constellation of complex and sophisticated social and emotional skills. They allow charismatic individuals to influence other as a deep emotional level, to communication effectively with them, and to make stronger interpersonal connections."

As a social person by nature, I'm always inspired when I meet a charismatic leader. They make me feel energized, ready to take on the world. They often times see the glass as half-full and talk about possibilities of the future rather than dwelling on the past. They look for solutions rather than road blocks and their positive attitude is contagious.

The strange thing is that charismatic leaders are sometimes criticized for the same great things that make them stand out from the crowd: their ability to connect with people, their optimism and their sincerity. I know there's always good in finding a balance, especially when you have a strong personality, but I also know that the great leaders in this world have one thing in common - charisma. It's the one trait that will stand the test of time.

What charismatic leaders have inspired you? More than 15 years have passed since I met the most influential person in my life - it was one of my high school English teachers. His name is Bruce Saulpaugh. He was unconventional and thought-provoking. I could listen to him talk for hours about about philosophy and his life experiences. You could feel his charisma every day when you walked into class, and he was my inspiration for becoming a writer.


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