Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kyle Graham is here!

WOW - it's been a while since the last time I did a post! Things have been really busy in our house... baby Kyle arrived in November, in December we bought a new house, in February we moved and here we are already close to April. Where does the time go? It's been an exciting year so far. All of the kids are doing great and are happy to have separate rooms again! Ashley started a new preschool and has a new best friend right down the street. JD just turned 2 on March 20th and we had a huge Thomas the Tank Engine party to celebrate (with a trackless train and all!) and Kyle is already 4 months old and is such a sweet and easy baby! I'm just starting to get working again, it's taken me a little longer than I thought to get back up to speed but I'm excited to get moving on some projects with my current clients and finding some new opportunities! Here are a few pictures of the madness, hope you enjoy!

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