Saturday, November 20, 2010

Surgery - Man it Hurts!

Ugh... I feel like I've been such a horrible blogger since I've basically fell off the planet since the last time I was here. I can't say it's not without good reason though, 2010 has been a tough year and to tell you the truth blogging isn't the first thing that comes to mind some nights. However, with that said, I'm up and I can't sleep and the past few weeks have really made me appreciate the little things a bit more. I've spent the last four weeks in and out of the hospital and found out that my horrible pain was from gallstones. Thankfully I had my gallbladder removed and was on my way to recovery when I found out that I had one stuck in my bile duct (don't ask me what or where that is, but it's attached somehow). After four more days in the hospital I'm finally home and better. But it's funny because when I was in the hospital I just really appreciated all of the people that helped get me better. My surgeon, Dr. Enrique Sta.Ana, was amazing - it's not everyday when you meet a doctor and right off the bat you know that they are great - but even the first time we met I knew he'd made this horrible experience just a little bit easier. And when things didn't turn out quite as we expected and I ended up back in the hospital, he made me laugh through my tears. I am so glad that he was able to help me get better! I also am thankful for my best friend Katie who had to step in a take over everything while I was sick. Katie is our nanny and not only did she drive over to our house in the middle of the night so that I could go to the hospital, she ended up having to stay at our house for a week to take care of the kids. She ended up being in charge of a massive birthday carnival party for two of my little ones while I laid in bed recovering. That's love right there! Thanks Katiebug :) Without going on and on about all the people I love, I think what I'm really saying is that sometimes you forget how easy everything is until your life is at a standstill and you have to rely on other people to get you through the day. It's those people who are your true friends :)

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