Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Client Spotlight: FMR Wealth Management

I'm very excited to spotlight a new client of mine! FMR Wealth Management is an investment consulting firm based out of Winter Park, FL that specializes in Financial Transitions Planning. Pam Ghezzi, Founder & Principal, has spent the last 15 years serving clients who have encountered a dynamic life/wealth situation. In November Pam will be hosting a seminar focusing on the emotional aspect of the current economy and how individuals and families can adjust to their new financial realities after experiencing a sudden change in their income. I'll be helping Pam promote the seminar through various marketing and communications tools. I think we'll have a great partnership and I look forward to helping FMR get to the next level with marketing! For more information on FMR, visit their website:

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Virgo in Me!

With baby Kyle coming in two months my to-do list is a little overwhelming.... get ready for Halloween, get all the baby stuff in order, move JD into Ashley's room, finish decorating the baby's room, prepare for Ashley's 3rd birthday (the week after Kyle comes!), figure out what we're doing for Thanksgiving, make Christmas lists for all the kids, get ready for Jason's birthday and finally CHRISTMAS!

Luckily I'm a Virgo so I've got it all under control! :) Today I went to Babies R Us with mom and got everything I needed for Kyle's arrival. The funny thing is that it wasn't really much because he's baby #3 and I already have (or refuse to buy) most everything! Then we went to Toys R Us and got everything needed for Ashley's princess birthday party in November (yes, it's September now!). Then I ordered all the Halloween outfits for the family off - the Grahams are going as superheroes this year - Ashley is Wonder Woman, JD is Robin, Jason is SuperDad and I'm BatMom!

Now I'm searching for the perfect family Christmas outfits and on to researching (yes researching - I'm a nerd!) present ideas for the kids and Jason.

I've got to say - I do love the third trimester for one reason and one reason only - I LOVE TO ORGANIZE!!!! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here Come the Gators!

Ahhhh football season is back! My husband and I both went to the University of Florida so we live for this time of year. My favorite part is dressing up the kids in their orange and blue... and since they have red hair and blue eyes they look SUPER cute! I just wanted to share some pictures of the family dressed in their best Gator garb! I can almost feel the cool weather coming as we speak! :)

Owls Are In!!

It's so funny because when I created this blog it was hard to find an image of a cute owl to use... here we are about a year later and owls have made it to the scene in a big way! With Halloween right around the corner the "retro owl" look is on everything - clothes, decorations, hair bows, bags - you name it and I bet you can find an owl on it. Just check out, right now I searched owl and there's 903 pages of handmade things you can buy! That's not a good thing for me because I'll sit there and go through all 900 pages just to see what's out there. I just wish I had more use for random owl items! :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Two Months to Go!

My husband and I are expecting our third child this November! His name is Kyle Logan Graham and in about two months our whole world will be turned upside down again.... sleepless nights, endless bottles, diapers galore...but we wouldn't have it any other way! I've always wanted a big family and I'm really excited to add another one to the mix. I'm frequently asked how on earth I manage to take care of two kids, work from home, be the room-mom at school, organize random events like my reunion, and so on and I think I've narrowed it down to three things: I stay up way too late at night, I have an amazing husband and I am a Virgo - I like to be in control of everything and have everything scheduled, planned and organized. I'm excited to meet Baby Kyle and see his little personality come to life! I wonder how he'll fit into the Graham Cracker family!

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