Monday, September 14, 2009

The Virgo in Me!

With baby Kyle coming in two months my to-do list is a little overwhelming.... get ready for Halloween, get all the baby stuff in order, move JD into Ashley's room, finish decorating the baby's room, prepare for Ashley's 3rd birthday (the week after Kyle comes!), figure out what we're doing for Thanksgiving, make Christmas lists for all the kids, get ready for Jason's birthday and finally CHRISTMAS!

Luckily I'm a Virgo so I've got it all under control! :) Today I went to Babies R Us with mom and got everything I needed for Kyle's arrival. The funny thing is that it wasn't really much because he's baby #3 and I already have (or refuse to buy) most everything! Then we went to Toys R Us and got everything needed for Ashley's princess birthday party in November (yes, it's September now!). Then I ordered all the Halloween outfits for the family off - the Grahams are going as superheroes this year - Ashley is Wonder Woman, JD is Robin, Jason is SuperDad and I'm BatMom!

Now I'm searching for the perfect family Christmas outfits and on to researching (yes researching - I'm a nerd!) present ideas for the kids and Jason.

I've got to say - I do love the third trimester for one reason and one reason only - I LOVE TO ORGANIZE!!!! :)


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