Monday, February 20, 2012

Watch Out! Extrovert in the House!

If you've met me then you know I'm an extrovert. I LOVE meeting new people, I LOVE having good conversations and talking about new ideas and I LOVE leading the pack! I read a really good article on the other day titled, "5 Not-So-Secret Powers of Extroverts." This was really good timing because sometimes I feel like a fish swimming against the tide at work.

I loved the way the writer pulled out the benefits of having an extroverted personality like:

1. Our thrill-seeking temperaments benefits society. We don't like the same-old, same-old, always seeking something new and exciting! This is so true for me! It's probably why I love writing because you never run out of topics to research. I also love communications and social media because every stranger is just a new opportunity for a connection.

2. We're easily bored and that can lead to innovation. YES! When I'm bored I daydream. I think about all of the things I want to do with life and how I want to change the world. Then I get excited and my passion ignites and the bored is magically gone again!

3. Our social network keeps us employed. Ahhhh networking, how I love thee. There's nothing that makes me happier than meeting new people and learning about what they do and what they're interested in. I work in a pretty large company, but I love the fact that in our 600-person building, I can't even ride an elevator without bumping into a friend!

4. Our many friendships keep us healthy. This one might be hard for non-extroverts to understand. I hate being stuck at home, I don't even really like working from home. I like being out and about, making waves, running from meeting to meeting, lunches with the girls and happy hours with friends. It's what keeps me happy, and without it I'd be unhealthy.

5. We're happier than introverts. Now, I can't really say that one is happier than the other, but extroverts do seem happier and higher-spirited as the article puts it. I do notice this at work. The people that never come out of their cubes seem miserable (and I would be too if I was strapped to desk all day by my own-choice!). But I think introverted and extroverted people are just happy in their own comfortable space. Now only if we could all get along! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Saw this on Pinterest today... oh how true! I've become a little obsessed with the newest social network on the block. As someone who writes all day long, I find it so nice to just sit there and look at all the beautiful pictures. The only problem is you're trapped for at least an hour after getting on! It's kinda like going to Target! :)

I'm such a social junkie. Keeping up with two blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now Pinterest - and those are just my non-work accounts! Where in the world do I find time to sleep?

Ok - I've gotta get back to pinning!

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