Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm NOT a morning person!

My blog's two-year anniversary is coming up next month and I laugh because although my life has changed so much in the 730 days since it's creation, one thing has not changed - the fact that I am NOT a morning person! I call my blog, "Narratives of a Night Owl" because I'm just that - a night owl. I love staying up late and I rarely go to bed before midnight even though I know I'll have to be up by 7:00 getting ready for work and getting my three little ones off to school. I just love everything about nighttime. It's quiet, it's dark, it's peaceful. My brain thinks best at night, I'm the most creative then. My writing flows so much easier and I can spend hours reading about things that I find interesting. I've always been into blogging, but recently I've joined the world of Tweeting. I can spend hours reading articles from FastCompany, or DiversityInc, or on WorkingMothers. So just in case I didn't have enough time before keeping up with Facebook and two blogs, now I have my Twitter handle (@OneDrivenChick) and I also plan on starting a Pintrest account. I just love the world of social media and the best part is that you can do it any time of day. It's a 24/7 world out there and for Night Owls like me, it's so much fun!


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