Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Life of a Pretend Structuralist

Almost a month ago our team at work took a test called "Emergenetics" - simply put, it's a brain-based assessment of thinking and behavior. I love this kind of stuff, I think it's so interesting. Not just learning about my personality, but also learning about the rest of my team. It's really a fun way to see what makes people tick and I think it would be great if everyone had it done and then walked around with a little sticker on their shirt showing their profile so that you knew what to expect!... ok, maybe that's going too far. But I think it's extremely helpful, especially when you're working with someone on a project.

So after taking the test online, I tried to guess what my thinking makeup would be. You end up falling into four categories: Social, Conceptual, Structural and Analytical. I figured I'd be two things: social and structural. I love meeting/talking/working with people and I love organization! HA!!! Here were my actual results...

Social - 59%, Conceptual - 25%, Analytical - 11% and Structural - 5%! WHAT?!??! The Queen of Organization has been living a SHAM! I'm not structural at all! I sat there stunned. Now you probably wonder why anyone would actually care, but I did. I've always felt like I'm a pretty well-organized Virgo. I love charts, lists, spreadsheets. timelines... they make me happy. I'm an addict of the label maker, I could color-code organizing bins all day. I'm envious of the perfectly organized closets on tv. But then it dawned on me... I'm NOT structural at all. I'm a MESS! I'm CONCEPTUAL! My brain is all over the place! It never stops - I can go from point A to Z in 2 minutes flat. My house looks like a bomb went off on it at any time. I wake up writing in my head - and unless I jot it down, the ideas will just keep flowing. I can't keep track of my debit card, my keys, or anything that isn't strapped to me. I just use organizing, charting and making lists as a way to "calm down" my conceptual side of my personality! WOW - what an a-ha moment I had.

I then realized something else. I love living in chaos. I love it when things are all over the place, when I have 10 deadlines at once, when I'm working on multiple projects, when things change. Chaos is a motivator to me. It keeps me going fast, it keeps me focused. The minute things get too calm, I get bored and I can't focus. Maybe it's the adrenaline, or maybe it's just because that's how I'm hard-wired, but at least now I know that structure isn't what makes me happy - it's having chaos, something new and exciting, that keeps me going.

I'm all right-brained and proud of it!


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Keep It Going!! Good Job !!

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