Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Going Down Memory Lane...

Almost nine years ago Jason (my husband) and I had our first date at a little restaurant in Gainesville called Cafe Gardens. It's one of my favorite places to visit every time we go back and for Valentine's Day this year, we took both of the kids up and had lunch out on the courtyard. Since I love taking pictures, I brought my camera and took some shots. One came out really great and I want to share it here. The funny thing is that I went on the Cafe Gardens website to see if I could send it to the owners and I realized their site had been "under construction" for a long time. I'm excited to say that I'm helping them write the content for their site - pro bono - since the times I spent at Cafe Gardens were such wonderful memories in college! I hope it helps spread the word about what a wonderful place it is to visit. Keep an eye out for http://www.cafegardens.net/ - hopefully it will be running at 100% very soon!


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